AaryaJanani | Pregnancy Workshops

Pregnancy Workshops

In order to achieve our goal of promoting a healthy prenatal lifestyle for the mothers-to-be, we organize workshops and camps. For these programs, the pregnant mother may be accompanied by her husband, mother, mother-in-law or other close relative.

A three-hours workshop for couple to discuss topics such as:

  • Simple Yoga, Prāṇāyāma (breathing exercises), Yoga Nidra, Meditation
  • Mental quietude and equanimity
  • Newborn’s intellectual and spiritual makeup
  • Healthy and safe birthing process​
  • Dietary awareness
  • Psychological factors and positive environment for the mothers-to-be

The Benefits of our program for the Mother

  1. A positive mental attitude all through the 40-week pre- and peri-natal period
  2. Greater possibility of normal delivery
  3. Improved health
  4. Reduced risk of complications and, most importantly
  5. An enjoyable pregnancy experience

Benefits for the Baby

  1. Health at birth
  2. High intelligence quotient
  3. Good creativity, skills, outlook, and inner happiness
  4. Increased self-confidence based on inner strength
  5. A strong value base and belief system
  6. Healthy body
  7. Immunity from negative thoughts and emotions
  8. Ability to cope with the plethora of stresses, strain, and emotional pain that the world guarantees
  9. An inherent attitude of service to society, themselves being happy and contented

Benefits for the Society
Since society is a group of similarly oriented individuals sharing common goals and aspirations, birth of children with all these built-in attributes is highly important for the welfare of the society and a strong society based on positive values is a tremendous asset to the nation itself.