Aaryajanani Collaborations

Aaryajanani Collaborations


Aaryajanani Trust often collaborates with reputed institutes and organizations that work towards a similar goal as ours – empowering human race.


Some of our Collaborations:


Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad

Aaryajanani and RK Math share a special and unique relationship considering the foundation of our program being laid at the Math with the support of Swamijis. Ramakrishna Math , Domalguda of Hyderabad is also our main venue for offline workshops conducted at Hyderabad. Aaryajanani Trust and Ramakrishna Math also conduct contests like Ideal Woman Contest to create awareness on the prominence of parenthood.


After all, Aaryajanani is a program based on Swami Vivekananda’s ideologies of Prenatal Influence.


A virtual workshop on the “power of the first 1000 days from conception to two years” was hosted by Aaryajanani in November 2021 as part of the first South Asia’s Lambcon conference, where more than 300 people from different walks of life participated to embrace the importance of a stress-free pregnancy lifestyle.


Prenatal Alliance

Aaryajanani collaborated with Prenatal Alliance, a Europe-based international organization with a significant presence worldwide, to spread the importance of “conscious conception and parenting” widely.

ValueLabs Foundation

ValueLabs, a prominent IT Service Provider is who enables all our technical aspects – like the website that you are currently on.

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