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Parinaya: Marriage – The Road To Freedom

Each one of us is searching for lasting happiness in our lives. We search for such happiness in our work, our hobbies, our friends and family, and our spouses. However, the only path to eternal happiness is through freedom from desire, freedom from expectation.

Marriage is the road through which one can practice and experience such freedom. How?

It pushes us to put the interests of another ahead of our own, to give without the thought of what getting anything in return, to practice unconditional love and service. Walking such a path, shapes us into ideal citizens who can serve society in remarkable ways and also fit parents to bring into this world ideal children, Aaryans.

The Pre-Marital Workshops and Pre-Pregnancy workshops we have as a part of Parinaya focus on covering these concepts with practical tips and stories of how to build and maintain strong marriages.

Marriage is the road to freedom and nothing less. If you are planning to get married, you must attend this workshop.
Pregnancy process begins the moment you think of having children. To birth the highest quality human being, you must attend this workshop.
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