Postnatal Workshops

Post-Natal Workshops

Workshops are open to new parents during the crucial Golden Period of their child’s life – 0 to 2 years of age.

We strongly recommend that they attend both the 2 unique workshops – targeting a specific age group of the child. These Post-Natal workshops are conducted online in English language.


The 6 instructor-led sessions cover:

  1. Presentation on Breastfeeding and Nutrition
  2. Yoga
  3. Stimulation and Lifestyle
  4. Interaction
  5. Bhajans
  6. Storytelling


Workshop Schedule Every Month

Online Workshops are conducted on every month’s 2nd Saturday from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Language – English


Online workshops are conducted on Zoom platform. We recommend you to install Zoom app as soon as you register for the workshop.


Workshop Duration

Each workshop lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Post-Natal workshops classification

We offer 2 unique Post-Natal workshops catering to a specific age group of the child.

Post-Natal 1: For new parents with a child in the 0 to 6 Months age group
Post-Natal 2 (Launching Soon): For new parents with a child in the 6 Months to 2 Years age group


If you are from outside of India

We recommend you to attend online workshops on Zoom platform only if your time zone is suitable for you to do so.

If 5 PM IST is outside your convenient time, once you register for a workshop please do reach out to us on our email – and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. Your comfort and convenience is of the priority for us and we don’t want you to sit through the midnight to attend our online workshops.


The Benefits of our program for new parents:

  • A positive mental attitude all through the child’s crucial golden period
  • Better and clear understanding of Breastfeeding
  • Nutritional knowledge that can build stronger foundation
  • Conscious parenting, resulting in an empowered child
  • Yoga for a better health
  • Introducing the powerful storytelling at a tender age the right way
  • Understanding the crucial 0-2 years of age and the miraculous development in depth
  • An enjoyable parenting experience


Benefits for the child

  • High intelligence quotient
  • Good creativity, skills, outlook, and inner happiness
  • Increased self-confidence based on inner strength
  • A strong value base and belief system
  • Intellectual skills enhancement through activities like storytelling
  • An empowered foundation as a child
  • An inherent attitude of service to society, themselves being happy and contented


Benefits for the Society


Since society is a group of similarly oriented individuals sharing common goals and aspirations, children with all these essential attributes are highly important for the welfare of the society and a strong society based on positive values is a tremendous asset to the nation itself.



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