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I had a normal delivery though my first labor was a C-Section

I am very happy to share that I am blessed with a baby boy. I had first c-section 5yrs back and now I tried for normal delivery. By the blessings of Ramakrishna paramahamsa, Sarada mata, Swami Vivekananda, I got the courage to try for normal delivery when my baby weight was above 3.5kgs. By God’s grace and everyone’s blessings I could deliver normally.

I can say that I got that courage, confidence, and motivation to take a brave decision at the right time. All that credit goes to Aaryajanani team and their positive thinking which made it happen.

Thank you is a small word to describe it and I encourage many more mothers to attend this program and get benefited.

In my labor room, at the last 1hr when I very tired I played all the Vedic chants and that gave me a lot of energy to push the baby.

I attended 6classes of Aaryajanani workshop. Hats off to all the doctors, coordinators and organizers.

Himabindu bhuvan

Aaryajanani mantras help my baby keep calm…

Thanks, Aryajanani for the best training we had a very active and lovely smile baby.  She always keeps smiling and when Aryajanani mantras chanting she kept quiet and listens to mantras starts.

Laxmijija bai d/o roja ji

Aaryajanani helps mothers gain mental and physical strength…

I have been blessed with a baby girl. I attended three Aryajanani workshops and it was a wonderful experience. I played the mantras for the baby every day and chanting of the Gayatri mantra which gave me mental strength and peace. Now if I play/sing the mantras when baby cries she is listening calmly. I am thankful to Aryajanani volunteers for putting their efforts in helping pregnant women to gain mental and physical strength. It’s a great experience for me. Thank you.

Subhadra Anjani Peri

I was actively working till the last day of my pregnancy and my newborn is so active!

I have been blessed with a baby girl. Thank you Aaryajanani for the workshops. I have been practicing all the yoga asanas learned and have been listening to the mantras sent by the team till the end. My baby is very active. She is calm and always smiling. The doctor was also saying that she is an active baby. In just a few days she is responding like a month baby. I have also been active and attending office until a day before my delivery. Thank you Aaryajanani for the wonderful classes. Will try coming down sometime along with my baby

Dr. T. Sowmyya Asst. Professor Osmania University

Aaryajanani is a one-stop destination that offers rare information…

We are blessed with a baby boy, had a normal delivery. I had a lot of fear and anxiety during the initial months, so I have attended Aryajanani as suggested by my doctor. We loved the way the program is designed, it is a one-stop destination. It has Information, Yoga, Meditation, Mantras, Story Telling, Bhajans – hard to find anywhere else. It made my phone addicted husband free at least for a few hours. I attended 6 workshops which helped me stay Active and Positive throughout pregnancy. Thank you Aryajanani Team for the great service you people are doing and we’re truly blessed.

Soumya & Sai Chandra

I will share my Aaryajanani experience with others to have memorable motherhood…

I have been blessed with a baby girl. I attended two Aryajanani workshops and it was a wonderful experience. I played the mantras for the baby every day in the last month and it gave me strength and peace. I request all the would-be mothers to keep chanting god’s name whenever you feel scared and worried.. we need to concentrate on our child. God will take care of the rest. I will share my experience with more women to help them have equally memorable motherhood.


I attended only one class but even that had such a great impact…

Thank you very much Aaryjanani team. We are blessed with a baby boy through normal delivery. I attended one class but is very useful for us, I listen to videos and voice messages shared which are also very useful. Our newborn baby boy is very active. Thank you once again the Aaryjanani team.


Aaryajanani imparts good morals and values in society!

I have attended the Aaryajanani workshop during my pregnancy and I’m blessed with a baby boy. My son is very active, calm and always keeps smiling and he listens to the chants, Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lord Shiva’s song ( Isha Girisha) very pleasantly since I used to listen to them during my pregnancy and it helped me so much, he is jus 2months 15days old bt highly observant and very active child, he holds his feeding bottle and has milk on his own. Thanks to Rama Krishna Matt for initiating such a wonderful program and playing a key role in imparting good morale and value in the society through upcoming generations. Thank you so much

Sai Vaishnavi

I can see such a huge difference between me and my baby and other new moms and newborns!

I had natural pains but had to undergo an emergency c section as the baby pooped during pains. I went for a regular check-up with a pediatrician and he said my baby girl was responding like a 2-month-old while she is just a month old. He said my baby already has the social smile which I observed from 4 weeks itself. I utter Gayatri mantra very often and it keeps her calm.. her favorite song is shiv swarnamala stuti.. she had no jaundice and she is all healthy and has good growth. Also, I am very active, unlike other moms I saw until now. I can perform all activities all by myself from day 2 after surgery and this all because of the physical activity and yoga during pregnancy. Also, she becomes quiet listening to the same music that she heard in the womb. I used to explain to her how to latch and suck while during 9th-month pregnancy and to my surprise I had no trouble feeding her at all.. even doctors complimented that I have an active baby.


I requested my baby for easy delivery and she listened to me!

I attended one workshop, delivered a baby girl normally with a very easy labor. I was telling my baby daily since 3months not to trouble much during delivery ..I now strongly believe that this helped me during delivery. The workshop helped me to keep calm during this pandemic, breathing and meditation worked to come out of anxiety. Pls do continue ur workshops after the situation gets better. Thank you for the support and love ?


Every session in Aaryjanani takes us to a different world where only peace exists…

We are blessed with a baby girl through normal delivery. Starting with the meaning of ARYAJANANI (i.e.noble mother), we have learned that before praying for a noble child we parents should first practice positive thinking and have noble qualities. We always think we know many things about pregnancy…but Aaryajanani seminar sessions enlightened us with the scientific basis of pregnancy…health care tips… the impact of our emotions on child…diet modifications etc..which really helps us in understanding this beautiful journey of pregnancy.

We all love listening to stories from childhood…and the story session by the team adds spirituality to pregnancy and also reminds us that baby listens to us when it’s in the womb itself. We undergo lots of emotional imbalances during this period but meditation sessions calm us to such an extent that we feel we are in another world where only peace exists. Exercises session by YOGA teacher will help us to be healthy and active throughout pregnancy…especially breathing exercises and Squats will help us ….it worked a lot during my labor. Listening to music is something we all love..and the Bhajan session is one of the most relaxing ones and enlightens our mood. Last but not least..the Mantras do effect the thinking as it gives strength and positive vibes for baby and mother.

Our baby is very active and healthy. We have attended 5 sessions. Thank you Aryajanani Team for the most amazing workshop. We are truly blessed to attend such a great workshop.

Dr.Snehika & Dr.Rakesh

Aaryajanani helped me in dealing with COVID…

I have attended 2 Aaryajanani sessions at RK Math and 1 session online. These sessions helped me maintain physical fitness and mental balance especially at the time of COVID. We are blessed with a baby boy and he is very active and becoming calm when we chant ” OM” or play music which I heard at pregnancy time. Thanks to the Aaryajanani team for conducting workshops.


I suffer from depression but Aaryajanani guided me through a healthy pregnancy…

I have attended three sessions of Aryajanani. I have been suffering from depression for the past 4 years. It increased more during pregnancy for which I had to use more powerful medicines. But at the right time, the Aryajanani team’s guidance has helped me a lot to deliver a healthy baby girl. In the beginning, the baby was crying because I was asked not to do breastfeeding. But gradually when I started repeating Gayatri Mantra, the baby has become calm n active n smiling always. I am very happy n thankful to God, my family n specially the AryaJanani team. Thanks for the wonderful support n guidance.


I lost my first baby and lost interest but then Aaryajanani happened..

I have attended 3 sessions of the Aryajanani program. I delivered a baby and I would like to share my experiences with you all. I lost my first baby boy born 2 years ago with 2 days of birth. When I was 2nd time pregnant, my husband told me to attend these sessions, so that I can avoid stress caused by the previous incident. I was really not interested in anything then, as I got stuck with the past. He took me to the first session, I didn’t listen to anything for some time and slowly started involving. I felt peaceful once I am out of the session, which was lacking in the past 2 years.

The impact of these sessions was incredible. I started thinking positively and started accepting the past. Started concentrating on 2nd issue. Followed everything taught during these sessions. I did all these not for baby, but to keep myself busy, peaceful, and occupied.

After delivering the baby, now its almost 3 months. Our baby “Saanvi”, smiles all the time, she goes to everyone even to the new faces, during the naming ceremony and other family functions she didn’t trouble me at all. She cries only during bath time. A very pleasant smile, plays all the time, active. During nights also once she gets up from sleep she plays and when she is hungry she makes sounds or she moves her hand to wake me up. I would like to thank the Aryajanani team from the bottom of my heart for helping me to overcome the difficult situation of my life and for making me strong and stable during pregnancy. It’s a big note, but I really wanted you all to know, Aryajanani not only helps to transform babies, but it also transforms mothers like me who lost babies, abortions and got pregnant after a long time.

Sowmya Joshi

Aaryajanani helped me fight stress and brought positivity!

In the first place, I would like to thank the whole team for providing care and guidance throughout the sessions. After attending the first session itself I’ve decided and attended the sessions till the end of my pregnancy. I felt very peaceful after attending the sessions. I got to know that the bonding between the mother and child starts from the womb itself. After attending these sessions we (I and my husband) used to interact with our baby in womb daily. I learned that pure heart and pure food make our body and soul pure. Yoga and meditation techniques taught during these sessions helped me a lot in getting over the stress during pregnancy. Initially, I used to get tensed about the baby mental and physical growth while in the womb and also after coming to this world. Because of Aaryajanani, I used to interact with the baby inside and convey my thoughts on positive thinking and behavior. I loved the interaction with the baby inside which has given me the positive strength. 

Once again, thanks a lot for all the teachers in the team.

Ramya Srivalli

Aaryajanani program helped me recover from cardio problems

It was really a pleasure to meet you all and attend the workshop which really connected me with my little prince.

The exercise and chanting Lord name, listening to all religious songs, reading good books and being in a secured environment with good vibes helped my baby inside the womb develop in a good way which I can recognize after his birth compared to my first child. And also helped me to recover my cardio problem in the same phase.

A very positive approach for empowering pregnant women.

Roopa Selimala

The interaction with my baby increased!

It was a very pleasant and lovely experience to attend sessions of Aaryajanani. I got to know from one of the doctors near our house.  And I followed the yoga asanas that are taught in the session. And I started interacting with my baby more after realizing the words from the workshop. 

It would have been better if I am able to attend all the sessions but I couldn’t make it because of the distance to be traveled.

Anyhow it was a great experience.

Indu Guptha

My little one is very active and always smiles!

It was great experience with your workshop.

My little princess have smile always and very active,  it’s remembered every time with your

great experience . We are so happy and no words to say.

We will soon visit our Great environment with my little princess and share our experiences.

Arjun Yadav Yelkachenu

Aaryajanani sessions are a must for all pregnant women…

Aaryajanani – makes the journey of pregnancy beautiful, relaxing, and loving through prayers, chants, yoga, and meditation. A must session for all pregnant women.

Jyotika Khatri

Aaryajanani is designed to foster happy children to make a better society

After attending 10 workshops held by Aaryajanani, I would like to write a review which I hope will help new mothers.
This is my 2nd pregnancy, and by joining Aaryajanani I have noticed many changes in me.

Yes, it made me understand what pregnancy is… and made me feel all the journey through out.

Yes, I felt that the program acted as a guide which has directed me in the right path and gave me all the required information/directions when needed.

Yes, the 3-hour workshop in the temple gave us the positive energy throughout the week and made me eager for the next workshop.

Yes, it made my husband as involved as me during my pregnancy. I can feel a wonderful difference from my 1st pregnancy.
Yes, you name it: nutrition, exercise or asanas, understanding the baby per your trimester, bhajan’s & relaxing techniques. It’s a one stop information center.

Yes, I feel the stress level decreased in me which is a significant change I have noticed.

It is organized by a wonderful team who dedicated their time to foster good children in turn trying for a better society.
I would like to thank one and all personally for all the affection and love throughout the Workshop.

Thanks, Aaryajanani…

P. Keerthi Naveen